02.07-09.15: KEI SUEHIRO

"What is a cover letter. I want to cry. Why can’t I be a cat. Eat all day, sleep all day, and you get fat but everyone loves fat cats."

Kei is one of the most delightful spirits I've ever encountered. One of my first experiences with her was in our friends' kitchen late one Chicago winter night. I forget the sequence of events but eventually some Cuban music was on, and three of us were dancing for what felt like hours with the help of Kei's "bottled boyfriend", Jameson - while everyone else I came in with was who knows where discussing laws of connectivity and conspiracy theories. Instant friendship.

Kei balances an "adult" desk job and brunch-working on the side. Though I'd say her full-time job is cleaning up after her cat-human Pazu, who you'll get to know in these following pages. She's also an insanely talented artist with a knack for, of all things - medical illustration. Check it out here.

Without further ado...Miss Kei Suehiro for you: