"I would say the two feelings I had the most during those two days was 1) I am a lost baby 2) What a relief to be disoriented"

Bronwyn Ariel Isaac has hopped her way across the United States  from Seattle to Chicago to New York City, and currently is even farther east in Taiwan. I met Bronwyn at a cafe we worked at in Chicago and wondered over this smoky eyed beauty in galaxy leggings and how she came to pair it with a hoodie dress that was permanently covered in guacamole. She has permanent wistful smile on her face, one that thinks maybe she's off in space somewhere, but will then lay down a poignant and hilarious comment on nearly anything that was passing in front of her as she sliced cheese in the meat slicer in the back (for examples, look no further than her Twitter).  Turned out she put her quips to use on the standup stage and did other awesome stuff like curating fluorescent art shows in her apartment. 

Anyone who's ever met Bronwyn instantly is cast under her spell (her going away party from Chicago to New York was overflowing...though I don't remember half of it because of all the whiskey intake required of a Chicagoan). She makes you love her and then flies away to another state or continent.

Bronwyn has written for publications such as the The Whiskey Journal, the Reductress and most recently wrote a less-comedic based article on using social media as a digital hug on The Frisky. If you'd like to see the inner workings of her brain, follow her on Twitter at @BronwynIsaac.

I was able to get a hold of her to detail her vacation in Thailand for the weekend. Because she has a Taiwanese international phone, the camera's not the best so I translated what I think is some of her writings. 


"Saturday 12 pm Noon: This is as close as real "morning" it'll get for me. I spent last night, my first night in Thailand, eagerly drinking shots at (?) yell-crying at some Australian man about how he was mysogynist and his Thai gf should should leave him. So, I guess I feel at home?

I don't know why I always pack like, 8057 books on short trips as if I'm going to have time to ~ hang with people ~ let my body recover from whatever poisons I force on it. AND ~ have time to finish reading "the cannon".

OKAY BRONWYN WAY TO LIE TO YOURSELF, anyways, I think I will forage for food with my lovely friends shortly?"

"(Saturday) 4:30 pm.

I am at Fattie's. That's the bar my friend Nick (who's hosting me) works at. because it's the fourth of july we are going to have a party here! some bands will play and a few people will perform standup comedy, including me. Standup in Thailand - I hope some of my jokes "make sense".

(none of my jokes make sense anyway)

-what's that joke reference?!?)



I am not having shots tonight, even though the claustrophobia that is quickly increasing due to so many people crowding this bar is making me wanna soak my skin in any liquid that would help the situation feel less anxious. The ribs smell amazing though, and this older British man at the bar is talking about how he doesn't believe in bisexuals 

(unintelligible scribblings)"

"(Saturday) 10:00pm:

They laughed at my jokes! I kept making eye contact with this 70 year old woman wearing sunglasses and decided I want to be there. Also, this handsome Irish musician talked to me about comedy, and the "artistic process" for like 45 minutes before his gorgeous Thai wife came over and I was like "Damn, why you gotta make such meaningful eye contact when you're not only taken, but taken by a woman who looks like a photoshopped visage of beauty and is a total sweetie." UGH. I mean, thanks for the comedy compliments?


(my sweat)


ON MY WAY TO A PLACE CALLED "Wong's" with my friends Prima and Dennis and some nice girl named Ploy. I am so glad they know Thai and Thailand and getting places because I am a big lost white baby!"

"The AC has dried out my nose it feels weird"

Sunday 12:15pm

It's still too early to be a human. I went to bed at...6am? Wong's got real busy and the boss guy ended up yelling at everyone for "not buying enough beer" and I was eating Durian chips and kept trying to share them with strangers.

My body feels like a pillow you've owned too long that gets bumpy and almost like some sick fandangled cotton, I'm not sure what I'm getting at but it's weird.


I went to Central World Mall with Amber and Justin and WOW that mall was sparkly. I don't normally particularly enjoy malls, but the lightning was less fluorescent and I enjoy witnessing the selfies. PLUS - green-bubble-match-tea filled my spirit with those good juices you need to be a modern woman. (what? idk either)





Can you believe I went to art school and this is the best I could do?!


I am lost. Well, I am at Cafe Mesina, so I found that? I am supposed to meet my friend Mint, but I guess we both missed each other at the station. Luckily I got my Taiwan phone plugged in and got on dat WIFI so we are going to meet at an art fair in about an hour!


There are so many cute and well dressed people here, I can't handle it. I already feel like I went shopping for too many night-market clothes in Taipei out of some voracious attraction to color and BULLDOG PRINTS, how do you not buy a bulldog romper?"


Mint's friends are so nice and Prima and Dennis and Nick are here, and we are drinking Leo beers at this tiny bar/restaurant and my bangs are sweaty  (what's new?!) and her friend is playing Rihanna on his phone and there is singing, and Rihanna transcends all culture and language!

(Rihanna palpitating with those fresh beats and extremely sexual lyrics)"

Hopefully I'll be able to finagle my way into Taiwan time to get an interview with Bronwyn soon on the Playing By the Hours Blog.