9.15-17.15: KYLE MABB

"I'm pretty sure I just got cursed out in Mandarin by a so-called Buddhist woman who was trying to hustle a Latin-American man who spoke little English into accepting her prayer beads in exchange for a 'donation'"

Kyle Mabb is a New York native. Well, upstate that is. Which anyone will tell you is quite different from the Big Apple. I met him on one of the first days of college in the Chicago-area and as soon as he made the comment that "this pizza is gonna go straight to my thighs", I knew we were going to be inseparable friends. Which, we were. He, my roommate Sam, and me - the three musketeers. All it really consisted of was hiding in our various dorm rooms and coffee shops away from the general society of the rest of the college, trying to find ourselves and where we "fit in" and pretty content to keep constructing our own worlds with each other. It worked.

But as we've graduated and pushed out more and more into the real world, beyond the hideous flourescents and carpets of the dorms, past the shoddy campus apartments and houses, beyond the strange bubble that was a strange mix of conservativism and liberation, we've found ourselves in different corners of the U.S. pursuing more "grown up" endeavors.

Kyle has always been one of the most socially aware and compassionate people I know. From the get-go he's pretty much known that he wants to help with the under-priveleged in society. Most recently he worked at a sort of interim housing complex for youth stuck in the foster care system, and has recently moved to the Big City to be closer to family and is doing an AmeriCorp Vista program where he organizes volunteers for a tutoring program that promotes literacy in NYC. 

He affords to live in the city by being a part of a Mennonite-run communal house, similar to the one he lived in in Chicago, which lets anyone, not just Mennonites, but particularly people who are working for non-profits and the like to live in the city.

He was probably one of the first people that really invited me to "play" and continually reminds me to do so. If you're a Pokemon lover, you'll also like his blog - stayoutofthetallgrass.tumblr.com.

Read Kyle's pages as he tries to catch 'em...nope. I can't do Pokemon puns: