"Sometimes you just don't know how to feel. I have lists upon lists of things of things to do but what am I really doing? I honestly don't even feel like sending these pages over anymore. I'll keep everything here amongst the other words that remain hidden. Who really has time for this anyway?"

I met Mr. French Pressley as my elusive manager for about a month at a coffee shop I worked at in Chicago. My few brief memories of him were first, "Oh! You do exist.", and then he'd make some barely audible sly comment about washing dishes and how I was doing it wrong (I wasn't. Obvisouly. I am a master dishwasher) I had heard mostly here-say of this man and rarely ever saw him actually working (a debate amongst us coworkers as to how much actual 'work' Adam did). But he was definitely a staple presence from the time the shop opened until he decided to move across the country.

We had some connecting moments, one being after his last shift at the Mug (the coffee shop) and I brought some PBRs over for him, his girlfriend Suzanne and I to enjoy on the footsteps of the shop. I felt a potential kindred friend leaving so I wanted a little time to get to know what he was about. Like I said, I spent a short amount of time with them before they trekked off to camp in the mountains of North Carolina for months and then eventually head to NYC, but I knew that Suzanne produced cool music and Adam was vague as to what exactly he was into. It turns out they make a pretty great team, as evidenced in this music video for Suzanne's project, Space Cubs, and Adam produced the video for it. Check it out here

He's also posted some neat-o stop-motion films on his Instagram - @frenchpressley.

Adam's been an active fan of everyone else's pages and the project, so I invited him to do the same. I'm excited to see what else you have in store, my friend:

These pages were a few days afterthought, but hey feel free to include or not, your call!

Much love!

Interview with Adam tracing the weird corners of his mind will be coming soon to the Playing By the Hours Blog.