MEG BOYLE: 1.21-23.16

"Time for self-care. Time to dance with color. Oil pastels. James Taylor. Moving my hand to the sound of the music. My hand is a better dancer than my feet. I wish my feet could make color."

My first impression of Meg was this girl in a perpetual bike helmet who came behind the counter everyday to snag some coffee from the cafe I worked at in Chicago, said some snarky and loving comments to regulars and my coworkers and zoomed off to some art therapy class. As I got to know her, though, I realized how ingrained her philosophy of art therapy was into her life and relationships.

Meg is one of those people that decides she's going to love you and be your friend and does so like it's her job. And makes you feel quite humbled to be chosen among the people she loves. I couldn't think of anyone better qualified to work with children who have suffered domestic and gender-based violence than this strong and gentle woman.

Here are a couple days in the life of Meg Boyle - art therapist, biker, vegan(ish), extraordinaire: