Since Patrick is one of my favorite people to have on my Facebook feed and he owns one of my favorite dog-humans, Ghostface, I wanted to stalk his brain for a bit.

He agreed, however, he found he was unable to find the time in his day filled with shooting webseries, doing software-y stuff, championing facebook and other things that keep your eyes glued to a computer screen to pick up a pen and paper and track his thought processes. I still believe that this project can be done amidst all of that, but also respect and applaud everyone's personal boundaries. So, cheers to you, Patrick (and I'll get you another day, my pretty).

In lieu of some full pages, Patrick sent me an email entitled: please forgive me. And attached this appropriate apology letter. I do, forgive you:

You can find some of Patrick's content on: Medium and here's a web series he created and collaborated on called What Am I Looking At?