ready, set, make.

hey fam!

first of all, thanks so much for all of your great feedback about coat[e]rak and the playing by the hours project. it's really helped me keep my sanity in this limbo stage of life (isn't it all like that though? another discussion for another post...) - connecting up with friends and spurring each other on to a more mindful, meaningful and creative life. you all are brilliant. absolutely brilliant and i'm so glad to be witness to your mundanity and magic.

i haven't really been consistent on the blog portion of the site. but now that i have your attention - i can explain briefly my vision for this little corner of the web. the whole idea of coat[e]rak is essentially a "place to hang funny ideas". the first of those funny ideas has been the playing by the hours project, which i hope to continue for as long as my days are long. and i already have a second project i'm very excited about starting maybe later on this year.

this blog portion is meant to be a place a little less structured than the main projects and is meant to be a sifter and catcher for extra interviews i may have with featured people, as well as a place to hopefully drop some of my own learnings and insights about the posture of living a creative life - in all its pitfalls and glories. i'm also hoping to use it as a place to stack some of my own little efforts at creating and hopefully spur you all on to create alongside me.

the first of these is going to be a part of my effort to continue living mindfully and creatively during my last month in beautiful long beach before returning to the great land of chicago. i have a list of things that i've wanted to do before i leave and i hope to check them off here, with y'all as my witnesses.

i spend most of my daytimes alone (because i work nighttimes) unless i schedule a meetup with a friend, though this is few and far between since i'm often on the opposite schedule of most of my friends and fam here. because of this i've succumbed to a LOT of netflix and chill. like - a LOT.  i've recently switched my intake to web series and this is actually a lot more refreshing and creatively stimulating because the majority of people who are creating web series are often talented but marginalized folk who use the free resources of youtube to sprout their vision. this recent switch from consumerism to creative inspiration has me reminded to be mindful of my own days - as i've challenged all of you to do.

phew. ok. hopefully you're still reading this. if not, godspeed on whatever other light has caught your eye. but if you are, join me in this: i woke up this morning tired of just consuming, but blank and overwhelmed on what to create. i'm primarily a collaborator so solo art making is a challenge, but one i want to step up to. what's first in my day? coffee. duh. so i put on the coffee. and instead of scrolling through the news, i picked up my phone and filmed the items and compositions around my house while waiting for the water to heat up. i forgot how much i love still life, it's so informative and meditative. i downloaded a free video editing app called splice (it's pretty good) and strung them together. watching the images again and listening to the natural sound was so calming and stimulating. and time :).

so here's what i'm suggesting: this next month i'm planning on reporting on one creative output a day. i'm not going to have a lot of stipulations, and i'm not going to give you any for your own creating this time around (though art is chosen limitations - chose your own this cycle). i'll be reporting mine here daily (if i can) and feel free to send me yours and i'll feature it here as well. or don't and just create. my friend torunn (her blog is Toto's Day) inspired me in this by writing so aptly at the beginning of her new blog: "I’m jumping back into the fray because for some reason writing blog posts comes easier than journaling - the idea that I might be writing to someone, or several someones, fuels my ego juuuuuuuust enough to come back to it." same, girl. and i'm pretty sure that's universal.

so here goes. we'll call this one day "-1" since it's still technically february:

still lives waiting for coffee

i'll end with a poem i scribbled on my first community art journal in college:




whittle a while

wait for it




it comes.