ready, set, make: day one : (momentum)


it's all about momentum. laws of inertia apply to our human endeavors as well. it's an idea i've been spinning in my head forawhile. things in motion stay in motion, objects at rest stay at rest. there's a fine balance here, though. because we're not meant to constantly be creating. rest is an essential part of the human cycle. doing absolutely nothing is a part of the good and human creative cycle. but that is for another post. and another day.

because today it's about momentum.

funny how one little dumb act of creativity spurs on another, and then another, and then another. yesterday after my little still life compilation, throughout the day i wrote a mediocre poem and did an ok drawing. but they felt so good. oh, and i filmed something else which i'll probably do something with in these coming days. go figure. the things in and of themselves were not genius, but my contentedness to sit and film the apartment complex across the way and just listen to the sounds for 20 minutes astounds me when i look back. 

so i hope that this is an excuse - a push - for momentum for you all as well.

claire maillefer has jumped into the challenge and shared this piece today:

niko galvez asked if finally refinishing her bed frame that's been sitting in her garage counts. most definitely. and according to her, "there's nothing power tools and some loud music won't cure":

i did a couple things, but i'll share a song i've been wanting to learn to play. it's super easy but i kept putting it off and today i finally got started on it. it's called "if i were a carpenter" by tim hardin:

it's not too late to send me your makings!