ready, set, make : days four thru fifteen : catching up

catching up

because i have to rush off to my next thing, i'm going to post this with just the content and no little preamble because i'd rather put it up then put it off. which i'd been doing this past week, regrettably. so, enjoy the next bits of makings from fellow creators below:


Progress on an experimental painting, crepe paper roses for a friend turning 21 and small drawings of fruit from Katie Joy Nellis:

Various "art in the in between" studies, sketchings and doodles and art curating by Erin Terry Padilla:

Citrus painting studies and challah bread makings by Claire Maillefer:

Re-wiring antique lamps certainly counts as making by Niko Galvez:

And I've done little pieces of drawings and writings, but i'll share two videos i've strung together as well as a song i'm starting to write (skip to 1:20 to actually hear the "song"):

neon magic


Keep sending me your makings!!!!