new exciting updates for the pages project


you've probably been wondering why there hasn't been much handwritten goodness splashed on coat[e]rak in a while. 

well, as i'm always trying to figure out the best way to recruit people and get their pages out and into your palms in a time-efficient and ever expanding way, i realized that i needed to purposefully enlist some "guest curators" to help me with this endeavor. so, i have chosen a couple of people who have already done some of their own pages to nominate and recruit awesome people in their life, therefore multiplying the amount of goodness coming our way. 

doing this helps me have a lineup of pages already in queue to be able to really be consistent and actually release weekly, so i'm very excited about it and SO excited to see who we get to meet. so look for new pages coming the end of may 2017.

all this said, though i have dubbed some "guest curators" already, i'm ALWAYS looking for more references from all of you and would love to be introduced to someone you'd love to peek in on the innerworkings of. just connect us and we'll get going!

thank you all always for your support and interest in this project.

much love,