"In my dream it's the zombie apocalypse, but I live in a big house and have a pet pony"

It's hard to do an intro for your best friend who you think is just probably the coolest human being ever (no bias, obviously).
Samantha and I were placed randomly as roommates freshman year of college- and if I had to go through all the hoop-la of that school again just to get her as a best friend, I'd do it in a heartbeat (and with probably a lot more style the second time around).

From the get-go as (too) bright-eyed freshmen dreaming of what our futures might bring - I was going to be a journalist and she someone who majored in English and did full-time ministry. Ha. Well - "ha" to me. We ping-ponged around all different sorts of ideas of what we were "going to be" when we "grew up". Even though Sam threw away the idea of "full time ministry" (whatever that means) sometime around Sophomore year, even scoffing at the idea - last year had her starting her first year at Duke's Divinity School in North Carolina studying Anglican studies in the hopes of becoming a priest. This has surprised no one more than herself. Samantha McKean (pronounced Mick-Keen, be not mistaken), the snarky, quick witted "4" (look up the Ennaegram test to figure out what the hell that means), the lady whose writing and ranting can hit your funny bone and soul at the same time, to be dedicated to the church?

It still sounds crazy to me, and continues to make me think. She is my best friend and this is shameless promotion of her overall uniqueness and awesomeness as a human being.

Alright. I cease.