"I am curious about how the female nude exists in a spiritual landscape"

Sydney is not a person who takes anything at face value - she sees in movement and color and contours, her most favorite subject is the female body - whether it's painting it, using her own body to paint with or casting plaster on it (as she did with my sister just last week) to make whatever body-centric concoction, she explores it.

Sydney's refusal to take anything just as it comes is reflected in her latest opinion piece about Warhol which you can find here on her blog or here on the Playing by the Hours blog:

The brilliance of Warhol was that he became a mirror to culture’s machinery. He observed that we put celebrities through the wringer; that grocery stores shelf factory surplus; that we have more pasta options than we have pots. (But don’t worry, you can always buy more pots.) Warhol threw our Brillo boxes, our soup cans and our newspapers back at us to exploit our consumerism. In his practice, he critiqued consumerism by becoming a factory. However, despite his creative practice, we need to distinguish between genius and goodness.

Intrigued? She makes visually compelling art as well, swelling with colors and dancing between the lines of the concrete and abstract. You can check out her full portfolio on her website here.

Here was how this goddess of a woman spent her Sunday, in color: