I am an independent choreographer and interdisciplinary collaborator operating between Chicago and Los Angeles and I created coat[e]rak as a space to hang different ideas and projects on a simple format. This is a combination of my own personal portfolio as well as a space of ever-expanding collaboration. Currently, I am focused on various freelance choreography projects and The Pages Project, a journal archive from people around the world. If you'd like to get in contact about hiring for choreography, please venture to the contact page and we'll dream up something whimsical.

The Pages Project

The Pages Project started June 2015 and was born out of the need to feel connected and privy to the thoughts and goings-on of those far away from me. Each week, one human being is asked to document a couple days in a handwritten journal. Simple as that. No magic super-creativity necessary, no artistic occupation or experience needed, just a human interest project. A project that by nature plays itself out in what we choose to reveal (and what we don't).

In a world where everything is pretty much contained within a smartphone application that thinks for you, mindful interaction with our day to day life can be hard and reflection often skates by, tucked into a reminder notification for another day. This is an attempt to commission and inspire individuals, if only for a couple days, to pull away from some screen time and get connected with some primary tools of creative stimulation - the good ole pen and paper.

Please join me in the greater curiousities and embrace the little magic we find.

If you'd like to participate and/or have someone else who you'd like to participate, please contact me on the Contact page and I'll get you featured as soon as I can!

Keep playing by the hours,


Heather Coates

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News: Spring 2017 I am planning on compiling these various documentations and putting them into a print form.  Stay posted!