9 : "that's [not] all she wrote..." : koheun lee : currently globe-trotting

I "virtually" met Koheun through my friend Justin Lovett who did pages for me a couple of months ago. Justin traverses the world using his cinematography, charisma and compassion to create beautiful documentaries about everything from a traveling camera obscura to New Year's Eve in New Zealand. Through social media I began to notice a beautiful woman who always seemed to be by his side, sometimes being the subject, sometimes documenting herself, and I quickly put two and two together and realized that they are a creative and adventurous couple. I asked Justin to introduce me to Koheun over the internet since she was in (I'm not even sure at the time), so I could ask her to be a part of this badass ladies series I'm currently working on. He agreed, and although it's hard with our times differences being almost a day off and our mutual busy schedules, Koheun produced the following pages for us while in Myanmar. Because I didn't know Koheun as well as Justin did, I asked him to write a brief bio/intro for her which is below:

Koheun Lee is a human centered design consultant. She has been working in south east Asia and east Africa for the last four years helping NGOs solve their problems and create innovative solutions. Born in South Korea, moving to Kenya when she was two, spending middle school and high school in Nairobi Kenya, and then going to university in the USA, gave Koheun a unique view of the word that started leading her on a path to work overseas. With the businesses and NGOs working more and more across cultures, it is now necessary to have more people on your team, like Koheun, who have a high cultural intelligence and can navigate across two or more cultures.

Now navigate with Koheun through laundromats and hotels in Myanmar:


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