Alli Cherry : Freelance Designer and YouTuber : Long Beach, CA

April 26-27, 2017

Alli and I met many many years ago while going to the same dance studio in Orange County, CA and we ended up going to the same school later on as well. She was a couple of years older than me and I always admired her for her stunning grace as a ballet dancer and her beautiful, nearly other-worldly soul. After high school, we went our own ways, but with the advent of Instagram, I was able to catch up on the lovely things Alli has been doing with her life. 

A couple of years ago Alli started posting videos to YouTube in order to, in her words, "get out of a creative rut". What started as one post, turned into a weekly habit. Since then she's found quite a knack for posting videos on non-toxic and low-waste living, slow fashion and essential oils, and has accrued quite a following with over 28,000 subscribers. She has mastered the enviable "capsule" wardrobe (a minimalist and sensible approach to a seasonal and concise wardrobe) and from there, her lifestyle tips and videos have caught on.  Check out Alli's website with links to her Instagram and YouTube Channel here.

So, if you will, take a moment below to peruse this human's pages, and maybe learn a recipe or two and that you can call a peanut butter banana cookie a "protein" cookie. I'll take it :