Andi White : Writer, Bartender and Lover of French Language : Chicago, IL

Nov. 13-18, 2017

Andi White instills an essence of calm and slow living, in the midst of the chaos and fast pace of the city that is Chicago. She can most likely be found in one of a few bars and restaurants in the Logan Square neighborhood either writing a piece on her computer or reading about Russian composer and pianist Alexander Scriabin or some French poetry. She can usually be found contentedly alone yet always happily interrupted by friends nearby. 

Andi's comfortability in embracing the quiet and simple amidst the whirlwind of stimulation a big city can offer is admirable and inspiring. One that has made me more and more intrigued to become this woman's friend so her goodness can rub off on me.

Andi is in the midst of doing the large task of applying to grad schools for a writing program, so here are some of her day-to-day musings and scribblings throughout double shifts and home organizing in the meantime: