So, when I first asked Abby to write some pages for me she was excited, then realized all the real work she had to do and asked if she could postpone it. I pushed her to do it anyways, justifying that this project is not meant to be an addition to work you already have, but just a documentation of what you're already doing (the point). I said I wouldn't post it and it would be just for her- and it is, primarily. But she sent me these pages and they're just so fuckin' cool I wanted to post them.

I met Abby while at college in the Chicago area. She was a year above me in the art department and she just had the coolest vibes and was always working on some project, whether it was for editing the literary publication, doing photoshoots, rock climbing, making cool installations what have you. My admiration turned to true friendship and she has since moved back to LA, my hometown, and we've been able to connect and continue our friendship here. I'm going to do a more in-depth feature on her complete with an interview that involves beer and coloring mind maps, but for now, here's a glimpse into her day to day as a freelance graphic designer, photographer, musician, adventurer. Her Instagram is pretty much eye-candy, too: @abigail_km: