"Today was a study in firm."

I first met Mo - ahem, "Bart Jones" - in the haven that was the gospel choir at our college. He was a year ahead of me and everyone on campus knew who he was - he has a way with people and with words, making him impressively adept at rapping, which he was never shy at spitting wherever and whenever.

Since college he moved back to his hometown of Memphis, TN and got right into the heart of his passion - teaching the young 'uns. Mo is someone who is vocal in more ways than one- as evidenced by his pursuit of his music (found @ abartjones.com) and the stream of social issues he's constantly reminding people exist.

Mo's a busy guy what with teaching 7th graders in the Memphis area and working on his music constantly, but he found a couple days to give us a couple days, as transcribed by his wife, Renata: