8.18-20.15: JUSTIN LOVETT

"Time to do another interview. I will interview "English". Yes his name is "English". His full name is "English Justin" (same name as mine)."

I met Justin in a community art class my junior year of college. He was a transfer student and didn't carry the same insecurities as most transfer students. He became friends with all varieties of people (rare in a small college setting where people tend to stick to clicks). He would also always bring Dunkin' Donuts into class. He loved Dunkin' Donuts. 

I also had passing interactions with Justin and I was always just so fascinated with him as a person. He was constantly creating and documenting and filming and interviewing and seemingly doing cartwheels all over campus. I graduated a year ahead of him but I came back to campus the year after and saw that he had a huge camera obscura set up in the quad - a contraption that allowed a projection of image appear in a large black space through a singular, tiny entrance of light. 

Since graduating, Justin has spent time in the states, including doing similar projects in Michigan, and is currently on a mission to create the first moving camera obscura in Lebanon to visit schools and refugee camps. You can check out his kickstarter for the project here. (THERE'S STILL TIME TO DONATE TO THE PROJECT!!) You can also check out some of Justin's distinct camera style he dubs #lovettation (click on the # to see a stream of his Instagram). 

To give an example of some of his documentary work, here is a short documentary he made on the love story of an elderly Lebanese couple (check out more videos on his Vimeo as well):

Below he gives us a couple days as he was in South Sudan doing some documentary work:

Interview with Justin about his documentary work and vision coming soon to  the Playing By the Hours Blog.