Lucy Durepose : Poet, Grocer : Cincinnati, OH

Lucy Durepos is one of those people you immediately feel at home with. She is equally earnest and sincere; snarky and crass. She moved to Cincinnati from the Chicago area to pursue Speech Pathology, and now is thinking about making a pivot towards therapy. A move that I believe makes most sense with her skill sets - empathy and listening. She also has always been a wordsmith and her poetry is able to distill a sense of feeling I find rare.

Lucy currently works at Trader Joe’s where she gets to be the first to know about new chocolate-hazelnut-ice-cream-wafer-cracker-sandwiches and hybrid pizza calzone pesto bombs. Or whatever it is TJs excels at concocting.

Here, she gives us a glimpse into her musings and studies regarding nostalgia, gut microbiology, moonstones and blasted car troubles: