8.13,14,18.15: MAIA MATTSON

"Remember: when we get to Ikea we skip the showroom. That is how the pros do it"

 I met Maia once or twice through my good friend Claire Maillefer (her pages are here) when I would visit her at college in the Boston area. What I knew of her from Claire before I met her was that she was an amazing artist who centered a lot of her work around female body image and while Claire and I were abroad studying, she was working on a body of work that involved casting women's bodies. 

My strongest memory of Maia when I actually met her was at their graduation and her hair was died pink and she was wearing denim overalls (before it was trendy) and she and her partner Neil spray painted big red anarchist signs on their t-shirts and the t-shirts of the philosophy professor's kids they lived with.

I believe this was typical Maia fashion. She is still living in the Beverly area in Mass. with Neil and their new adorable baby Ronia and she runs a juice stand, Grassy Roots. Maia and I haven't really had that many personal interactions, just mutual admirations on social media, but I'm honored she'd record some of her days for us: