I first knew Ben from being one of the most intriguing characters on campus in college, an elusive and whimsical human constantly getting his hands in improv, theater productions and other shenanigans. But I didn't really get to know him until we haphazardly became roommates two years ago and I discovered this man had so many more talents and just overall human goodness to share. 

Ben is a YES man. And in the improv world, and life in general, this makes for a superb and lively person to be around. We started hosting art parties at our apartment in Chicago, encouraging friends to bring whatever current project they were working on, in whatever state and share, twice a month. Ben was able to bring something every time, whether it was a song, a skit, a video, his drunken enthusiasm.

He recently did a Kick Starter to raise money for his overdue debut record. You can hear some of his soundcloud below. In the meantime, he tumbled us through some of his days last week:

Below is an excerpt of some of the score from Ben's collaboration with the Inglenook Theatre Project in their production of Eurydice coming this summer to Chicago.

Interview with Mr. Kinsinger about his philosophy on improv and creativity coming soon to the Playing By the Hours Blog.