03.11-12.16: JESSIE TAYLOR

"Make coffee and protein smoothie. Put on makeup. Lament that most clothes suck for breastfeeding (no pun intended)."

Jessie Taylor is a woman of depth, sincerity and beauty. She takes things that are unexpected and even seemingly discarded and turns it into a thing of brilliance and poetry. This can be seen through her artwork, as well as her living. She currently resides in Florence, Italy where she is finishing up her MFA and taking care of her precious new daughter, Aria (who's face is just the cutest you've ever seen).

Jessie was able to let us into a couple of her busy days as a mom/artist/student/teacher/world traveler. To view more of her art visit: JessieTaylorArt.com


Read an interview with Jessie about her balance as mother and artist on the blog here.