02.23-24.16: TORRUN SWEERS KIM

"Chris is out of underwear but we had no laundry cash last week. I told him he could borrow mine, worn backwards for room. He didn’t think it was funny."

I first really met Torrun when I was choreographing a piece for our college's annual dance showcase and I made a call for dancers of any level from pre-professional to "I only dance in my room by myself". Torunn showed up with little experience but was fully committed to throwing herself into the piece unquestioningly.

That's just a glimpse into who this mama is. We reconnected after college when I moved back to California and remembered that she and her husband, Chris, and their new baby Elsa were living in Orange County. I remembered Torunn to be a scathingly witty and embracing human being, and I think those skills of humor only translated even more once she started the next chapter in her life of becoming a mom to one of the most brilliant and joyous little girls I've ever met.

I invited her and Chris and Elsa to come to an art party I hosted in Long Beach with the theme of "Beginnings" and, in apt response, Torunn brought some Lactio Divina watercolors (the iconic art practice of depicting Mary breastfeeding Jesus) made with her own breastmilk, Chris sang a couple songs after and little Elsa was staring up at her daddy and dancing around. It was the sweetest image I could conjure. (And no, that is not a Portlandia sketch).

I'm so grateful she found the time and energy in her occupation of mom/bridal stylist/wife/plant-stealer to document some of her goings on. My new initiative of the March Creative Challenge was spurred on by her new blog and her first post on it, which can be seen here. A truly inspiring lady, here is Torunn Sweers Kim in all her female and mommy glory: