09.27.16 & 10.20.16 : SARAH CHAE : HONG KONG

"This woman is sitting diagonally across from me who’s doing her makeup - her eyebrows are def on fleek and her commitment to cosmetics is admirable despite this bumpy ride. I tried doing my makeup on the bus once too, but I looked like Peewee Herman’s adopted little Asian sister. Don’t think I”ll reenact that one today."

Sarah Chae and I met in college through one of my dear friends, she was a year ahead and infinitely cooler, what with her French -loving ways and strange ability to look mystical, adorable and graceful even underneath terrible neon library lights. It wasn't until after college and I entered the realm of social media that we started throwing likes each other's ways, the frequent) "babe :)" in the comments section of our sporadic photos, and the occasional FB message that sincerely and briefly checked in with how the other was doing, that that bond of cyber-affirmation and friendship felt more real than just on the interwebs. Though I could never keep up where she actually lived and resided because she seemed to trot over the entire globe, she graciously invited me to her wedding a couple years ago in the Chicago area. Social media friends becoming real friends :). Regrettably, we've never had time to hang much in real life, erego my ploy to wrangle some journal-y pages from her to catch up and let everyone else see what this international soul sister of mine is up to.

Settle in and spend some time in Kobenhavn and Hong Kong with the beautiful prose in the pages below from this radiating human:


To spend even more time with Sarah, check out her interview here.