8.22-23.15: HEATHER COATES

"I swear I'm a toddler baby."

Hello. It's weird writing an introduction for yourself, but,  I'm Heather, creator and curator of this little corner of the internet. I started this project for a couple different reasons which I explain in my emails to the prospects I'm asking to record their days for me:

1) because I think you’re an incredibly interesting person and I want to stalk you, 2) the anthropologist in me that’s always asking what a good life looks like wants to give an account for others and myself that shows that a good and creative life (not explicitly “artistic”) looks many different ways, 3) to encourage you to keep making what you do, even when it’s mundane and difficult because you have something worthy to contribute.
And to keep playing by the hours.

Sometime last week I had an impulse to finally truly pursue the project myself. I am usually an inconsistent journaler/sketcher, so it's easier to do things half-heartedly, but I decided to commit for a couple of days. It was a lot harder than I thought and there were definitely times when I wish I didn't chose to do it at that particular time. However, this is against my whole philosophy. So. Practice what you preach. And be vulnerable as I am asking others to do. And as others so graciously have for me and for us who enjoy letting the lives of others intrigue, inspire and inform us.

So, ready or not, here are some pages from last week from yours truly: