7.2-3.15: BUBBA OGBORN

"Maybe 'Everything Except the Masturbation'...Because I logged everything I did but jacking off"

I first met Bubba as my server at a restaurant here in Long Beach not too long after I moved back to the area. As my dad is prone to do, he jumps right into getting to know the details of where Bubba's from and what not and turns out he moved here from Chicago and was a part of the improv world. My desperation for friends and especially ones who were Chicago-bred and creatives made me overzealous in becoming friends with him, so I tried to play it cool but hoped he would be one of those friends I was looking for. The next day I was depositing a wad of crinkled cash from the meager brunch crowd that came into my restaurant that morning and who was beside me doing the same thing? My new friend. I am good at manipulating the universe.

Turns out he co-created this awesome web series called Young Couple (which you should watch here) that won a bunch of awards at the LA WebFest this year, included best cinematography, best actor, best actress...yada yada all the good stuff. He also created a critically acclaimed play in Chicago called The TomKat Project, based off of the whole trifecta of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Scientology. 

The best thing about Bubba though is his energy - no matter what kind of shitty or crazy things is going on around him, he has a humor that is cutting and deep, and he's quite a good friend. To check out his website, click here.

In the meantime, he graciously documented two of his days last week:

Below are Bubba's dream journal excerpts:


Due to technological difficulties and inadequacies of myself as an interviewer, my whole interview with Bubba at the Coffee Cup Cafe this morning did not get recorded. Hopefully I'll be able to muster up something soon on the Playing By the Hours Blog, or all of his juicy life secrets will remain a mystery.